Monday, November 30, 2015

The first day of packing

So last night, Ajey and I worked till late, finishing up our end of the organizing and sorting. Sent Manasi off to school this morning, and we were ready for the movers by 9am - ready for a busy day of packing! And then - nothing!! The hours ticked by - we weren't totally in the dark - kept getting hourly updates from the supervisor saying that the truck and crew were stuck in traffic, and would be there soon! Really?? Ok, but exactly how soon is 'soon' - not a clue!!!

There wasn't really anything we could do but wait. And it ended up being quite a relaxing morning - a few hours of quiet talk time with my husband, no distractions - it's been a while side we've had free time like this!! We even managed a quick Starbucks run across the street, had a leisurely breakfast, and just - for lack of a better word - chilled!! It was almost 1pm when the tuck finally rolled outside our house - turns out that morning fog had closed down all major highways in the area - leading to horrendous traffic pileups everywhere!!

Once the crew got here, though, things moved pretty quickly. They had 1 person packing the air shipment, and he got through it very efficiently - our organization, ahem, did simplify things a bit - he was done in little over an hour!! In the meantime, the others were unloading the truck - bringing in stacks of boxes, giant rolls of bubble wrap, packing paper, duct tape - and funnily enough, a bag of the little silica gel desiccant packets - one went in every box!!

It was a really beautiful day, today, weather wise - perfect to pack up the garage. Over the last week, all my sea shipment kitchen stuff I had moved to the garage - so in effect they were packing the kitchen slog with the garage!! They brought a lot of things outside to pack - including our family room couches - guess it was just more comfortable that way!! One guy seemed to be chair guy - all he did the entire time was pack chairs - don't know what the deal with that was!! Maybe they read my blog about the 5 tables, and decided to bring in a specialist!! Ajey's joke, that one!!

The big difference, this time, is that instead of all the packed boxes being stacked in the house - they were loaded up in a truck and taken to Nanjing - where they will be loaded into the actual container. So there isn't one day dedicating to loading - each day will end with a loading session. So today, they stopped packing at 4pm - yes, they barely worked 3 hours - and the truck was loaded and on the way to Nanjing by 4:30pm!!

I have to say - I couldn't really fault their packing techniques - and that was one of my biggest worries. The time it's going to take them - my money is still on Thursday - Wednesday night, if they work really, really hard!! We'll wait and see - so far so good!! End of day 1 - we still have our living room couch, and most importantly our beds - one less night of sleeping on the floor - yay!! Tomorrow is supposed to be an early start - well, at least an earlier one - the crew is expected to arrive by 9:30am!! Fingers crossed!!

Most of the air shipment

Empty family room

Loading the truck

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