Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Diwali, folks!!

It's becoming a tradition now - Diwali celebrations at the new Ganesh!! 2 years in a row - and I'm only sad that we won't be here to celebrate another Diwali, Suzhou style!! I do hope, though, that this tradition keeps getting bigger and better, always bringing together the Indian community here in Suzhou!!

Happy Diwali from Suzhou!!

It took a bit of time juggling for all 3 of us to get to the party. Manasi had a birthday party to attend that evening - missing out on that was undoubtedly out of the question!! But she also really wanted to go to the Diwali party - luckily I had the car and driver that day, which made the to and froing a bit easier. So, 5pm, I took Manasi to Ligongdi for her Karaoke party. Came back home, got dressed and drove back to pick her up - with her Indian clothes. Ajey and I caused quite the stir as we walked through the KTV to find Manasi!! Quick change, and then finally we were on our way!!

Like last year, our Diwali celebrations were at the new Ganesh. Over this year, quite a few of our close friends have moved out of Suzhou - so we were missing some familiar faces!! What remains constant, however, is the spirit of Diwali, the camaraderie of celebrating together, the shared laughter and togetherness. A good dinner, followed by fireworks and the lanterns - lots of fun, with great company!! The Ganesh is a beautiful location, and was breathtaking to set off the lanterns over the canals and the lighted bridges! I'm sure everyone had an amazing time!!

Signing off then, until tomorrow!! Happy Diwali, folks!!

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