Friday, November 20, 2015

What I'm looking forward to...

Yesterday, we went to a standup comedy show with our friends, PS and MS - yes, that is why I didn't have a post yesterday!! Anyway, the Kungfu Comedy club in Suzhou routinely hosts comedy nights on Thursday, and about once every 6 weeks, they have a headliner show - where they bring in an internationally famous comedian for a show - and Suzhou ren, if you haven't been to one of these, you really need to!!

Anyway, after the show, over drinks at our house, PS asked what we were most looking forward to about moving back to the US. Ajey's answer was instantaneous - cars! Well, specifically, buying new cars - we haven't owned a car in forever - Ajey, of course, has certain exacting specifications, and I'm sure that deciding which car to buy will be just as entertaining as all our other decisions!! I actually have just 1 specification - I'll drive anything but a mini-van!! Don't tell me how practical they are, and how every family needs one - I just don't want to drive a mini-van!! Keeping it real simple there!!

Obviously, cars is not really high on my list!! Next apparent choice - houses?? Well, yes - we'll be homeowners in the US after a really long time - and the houses we are looking at this time around are really exciting!! It's going to be nice to have a big yard, a full basement, fireplaces, all the fancy appliances - decorating, maybe some new furniture - ooh, it's going to be so much fun!! For sure, a new house is something I'm looking forward to very, very much!!

Next on the list - to know me is to understand this choice - the Public Library system!!! I absolutely love the public libraries!! And the new library in Peoria?? - if there is a heaven, it must surely look like this!!! I distinctly remember the first time I stepped into the Peoria Public Library - this was ages ago, in 1999, before all the grand renovations. The first shock - there is no membership fee!! And this almost finished me - no limit on the number of books checked out!!! Seriously, heaven = here!! The hands-down choice, then - the Peoria Public Library!!

It's all going to be great, of course - no matter how much I whine, Peoria has a special place in my heart, and I'm actually quite happy to be going back - and not just because of the library!!! And knowing that I will be close - once again - to some of my dearest friends, is what keeps me going right now!! Bottom line, that is what I'm most looking forward to - all my Peoria peeps, can't wait to see you!! Won't be long now!!!

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