Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The countdown begins - last 40 days!!

Well, here it is - the announcement, finally!! Our time in China is coming to an end, and we are headed back to Peoria - flying out in exactly 40 days from today!! Why 40 - no reason, really! Sounds portentous, though, doesn't it? Last 40 days in Suzhou - chills, goosebumps!! This post also means that I'm officially over my denial phase, and starting to accept that whether I like it or not, this move is really happening!!

Not that I wasn't prepared - our 3 years were up last summer - but we came back to Suzhou in August, and I think all 3 of us were hoping that we would get to stay 1 more year, if not more! And I am so not looking forward to moving in winter - not to mention the middle of the school year, which will make it lot harder for our youngest repatriate - who, unsurprisingly, is having a really hard time with the move to begin with!!

So, what next?? Once the move is announced, things move pretty much at break-neck speed. A hundred forms to fill out, assessment by the movers, setting dates, sorting out our stuff, booking airline tickets, making arrangements for temporary living, looking for a new house, new school, new cars, figuring out the pet stuff - whew! My head is already spinning!! And this is, what, our 5th international move? You would think it would get easier - but believe me, it really doesn't!!

Even as we are finishing up all the formalities, getting all the must-do stuff out of the way - there's also this whole other lot of activities. Getting ready to say goodbye to all our friends, trying to fit in 1 last dinner or lunch with people that have meant so much to us - and of course, the mad dash to buy up every last thing that's been on my list for the last 3 years, to go see places that we would probably never go to again!!

The craziest thing is - in the midst of this whirlwind, the house needs to run as usual, on the old familiar routines. Homework to be done, uniforms to be washed, meals at regular times, lunch boxes to be packed, yes, even festivals to be celebrated - soccer games, music recitals, late night meetings, FoD activities - it's quite the surprise to find out that the world doesn't stop just because you're moving!! I think it's the hardest to dredge up enthusiasm for these everyday things when mentally, you're already checked out!!

And the blog?? Once the Kulkarnis leave China, what happens to 'Coolkarnis in China'?? Honestly, I haven't thought that far ahead right now. For these last 40 days, I would like to do something special - a blog-a-day countdown, until we leave. Not that all posts will be move related - as always, I have a ton of catch-up posts, lot of things I've wanted to write about - so should be an interesting ride!! The countdown begins stay tuned!!

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  1. Those 40 days will whizz by!!! Aimee is in a total conundrum...she is counting down the days until we head back to UK for Christmas, but is also trying hard not to wish the days away until she has to say goodbye to her best friend! No-one warns you about that bit of expat life.
    Looking forward to reading your future posts :)