Thursday, October 15, 2015

The 100th!!!

The 100th post!! A milestone I've longed for so long, a post I've written in my head at least a down times - and now that I'm here, I'm curiously at a loss for words. Actually, I was hoping that I would get to the 100th by 27th August - the 3rd anniversary of the blog - 3 years, 100 posts - wow, I am feeling really overwhelmed now.

The last 3 years, these 100 posts have literally given me a new direction, new vistas to explore. What started as a hobby has gradually evolved into a passion - my only regret being that I didn't start earlier  - way earlier!! It would have been such a treasure to have documented all those years in France and Chennai - all those baby years, all those Snowy stories!! Even now, reading the first posts on this blog, there are so many memories that would have surely faded - if it hadn't been for the blog!!

Since the very first post, I have wondered who would want to read what I've written. Even today, I feel a thrill, a sense of awe when I see the number hits on a particular post - nothing makes my day like a comment on the blog! So thank you, my readers - for reading, for encouraging me, for all the support!! Thank you for getting me to the 100th post!! Thank you for being such an integral part of 'Coolkarnis in China'!!

I feel like I should be writing something momentous to mark this occasion - but I'm seriously blanking out - no words of wisdom from me today! Instead, let me end with a promise to keep writing - here's to many more - more years, more posts, more everything!! I do hope you keep reading, keep coming back to share our experiences - in China, and beyond!!! Signing off the 100th post then - cheers!!


  1. Well done on reaching such a momentous milestone 😊 looking forward to reading about your future adventures xx

  2. Congratulations...!!!! Good job..wishing you good luck and success in your future endeavors...