Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 2 - The juggernaut rolls on!!

I know, I know - it's total overkill to use the word 'juggernaut' regarding something as mundane as packing and moving!! I really, really just love that word - it's got to be one of my favorites, top-ten at least - and I've been dying to use it!! And it is kind of like a mini-juggernaut - with packers in every room of the house, churning out box after box, all our belongings clad in the monotonous white!! So, I think I'll stick with juggernaut!! Oh, and word trivia of the day - juggernaut is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Jagannath' (Lord of the world), in reference to the massive annual procession of the deity Lord Jagannath in Puri!!

Well then, day 2!! Turned out to be better than I was expecting - the crew showed up bright and early at 9:30am - and set to work right away. Still only 4 of them, but they seemed to moving a lot faster today. The good news - they got through a lot of stuff - I mean, a ton!! Bad news - there's a still a lot of stuff still left to pack!! They haven't touched the bedrooms yet - dismantling and packing 2 queen sized and 1 king sized bed is going to take ages - let alone the rest of the furniture!! The supervisor is still estimating to finish by tomorrow, but my money is still on Thursday!!

Like I said yesterday, they really are doing a good job - very thorough, not stinting on the bubble wrap or the cardboard. I'm a bit nervous about a couple of things - well actually, just 1 thing - and I think it's kind of a biggie!! My glass table top - the huge, thick glass slab - that's supposed to go in a crate - well, they're not going to crate it here. It will be bubble-wrapped, transported to the Nanjing warehouse, and then go in a crate. I do not have a good feeling about this - not even a little bit. I'm still trying to figure out a way to somehow confirm that the table top will definitely be crated - maybe get them to send me a picture? Any ideas??

On the other hand, they were kind enough to leave us our couch and beds for another night!! Which means another good night's sleep!! And although all our chairs have been packed, we were able to rig up a nice little dining table by setting the lazy-susan from our round table onto the boxed coffee table - worked perfectly for tonight!! A very relaxing dinner, by candle-light, no less - candles don't get packed, so there will be quite a few candle-lit dinners in the next week!! It's going to be stretch tomorrow - especially if they want to finish by end of the day!!

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