Wednesday, December 2, 2015

And they're done!!

The big question today - can the packers finish packing and then loading all our furniture by the end of the day?? We woke up to rain - oh no, where did the 2 days of sunshine go?? Luckily, although the skies stayed grey and muggy, there were no more showers - none of the boxes got wet!! The crew started off at a good clip - finishing up Manasi's bedroom and all of the downstairs before they broke for lunch!!

But they still had the entire 3rd floor left - the master bedroom and the office. And then after that, loading the truck!! It was incredible to watch - I think they all upped their efficiency a notch!! By 4pm, they were still packing - and the supervisor was still saying they would be done tonight! Well, we aren't going anywhere - work as late as you want!! I was tired just watching them work - so I did the best thing under the circumstances - took a nice nap!!

Incredibly, against all odds - they started loading by 6pm. The last few boxes - especially my master bedroom furniture has been packed a little haphazardly, I think - they were in quite a rush to get done!! I do hope that it makes through safely!! And then, to move things along even faster, they actually setup slides on the stairs - and slid the boxes down from the higher floors to the main floor. Wonder what that pleasure ride did to the contents of the boxes!!

It was 9pm by the time the last box got on that truck!! The house is completely empty now - cavernous almost!! And our goods are on the first leg of their long journey back home!! Tomorrow will be a day of cleanup - it's amazing how much dust has collected under the furniture - 3 years worth of dust bunnies!! I think we'll all sleep well tonight - even the mattress on the floor is looking pretty inviting after the long day!! Until tomorrow then!!

No-pack zone!!

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