Monday, January 7, 2013

Farewell, 2012!

The New Year is already a week old - 'Best of 2012' lists for everything under the sun have been eagerly devoured, new resolutions made and perhaps, already broken! And once the frenzy has passed, it always comes as a mild shock to discover that the calendar may have changed, but the business of living remains just the same!

2012 passed by in a whirl - it was ushered in with predictions of doom and disaster - and I can only say I'm glad that the year didn't quite live up to the hype. Most importantly, the world as we know did not end - thank you, Mayans, for all the speculation - loved the nail-biting will it, won't it suspense! The London Olympics and the U.S. Presidential election undoubtedly were the highlights of the year - the former once again demonstrating the resilience and triumph of the human spirit, the latter reminding us that be it the U.S. or India, in politics, the ends always justify the means!

Hurricane Sandy brought New York and a major part of the East Coast to its knees - the devastation unleashed by Mother Nature left thousands homeless, with damages of billions of dollars. Thankfully with the help of early detection technology, the death toll was at a minimum! And with deepest empathy for those affected by Sandy, a cynical side-note - the storm certainly tipped the balance of power in President Obama's favor, sweeping him straight into the White House!

The destruction caused by humans is no less - conflicts rage all over the world, especially in the Middle East. The Connecticut school massacre - every parent's worst nightmare - if kids are not safe in a U.S. elementary school, where in the world can I find a haven for my family? Malala from Pakistan and Nirbhaya from India - 2 ordinary girls subjected to senseless, undeserved violence - highlighting the plight of women in today's society. It was heartening to watch the protests in Delhi - is it too much to hope that justice will be served? I guess I have to take back my words - 2012 did turn out to be as bad as promised...

On the personal front too, I will always remember 2012 as the year we laid our beloved Snowy to rest. 10 years of companionship, 10 years of pure love - gone in an instant. I miss her so much, every single day. What she was to me, what I still feel about her - I have no words.

In midst of all the gloom, there were a few bright spots too! Our move to China has been a huge success - professionally for Ajey, and personally for us! Our extended family is all doing well, and our ever-increasing tribe of friends continues to be our mainstay during all these changes. Christmas vacation in India was so much fun - relaxing times with family, and thanks to the Shreyas gang, a rousing New Year's party!

And now to look ahead - what will this year hold? No resolutions - well maybe, just a few usual suspects - exercise more, eat healthy, less spending, more blogging! On that note, let me wish all of you a very Happy New Year! Hope it brings you and your family all the happiness and joy in the world!

Signing off...

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