Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Manasi!

This one's for Manasi - I love you always and for ever!!

4 Dec 2004 - our precious princess was born - filling our hearts with so much joy!

1st birthday in Paris, France! The Christmas lights were beautiful - seemed like all of Paris was celebrating with us!

2nd birthday, Pune, India. This year we had the big party at Rajwada!

Back in Grenoble, birthday 3 was very low-key. Ajey was travelling, but our dear friends, the Romanos family, made the day very special!

Last birthday in France! We were actually on a plane to Chennai on the 4th, but we had a party for all of Manasi's French classmates before we left!

The princess turns 5!! She insisted that the only party she wanted was at school - American International School, Chennai!

6th birthday party in our Chennai home! We had a magician and face paint and tiaras!! What a wonderful group of friends to party with!

My baby is growing up!! In Peoria for her 7th birthday...

8th birthday - this year in China!

Brought a cake to school, of course - but the real party is on Saturday!

Has it been a year already?? The last single-digit birthday, the 9th!! Much smaller party this year - but the enjoyment was enormous! Bowling, dinner at Casa Zoe and then a sleepover with her 4 besties here in Suzhou!!!

The big 1-0!!! Double digits, baby!! Where have the years gone? Wasn't it just yesterday when I was looking into those beautiful eyes for the first time? The best decade ever - loaded with happiness and love - and the journey is just beginning!!

This one is bittersweet!! 11th birthday, and the last one here in Suzhou!! In an echo of the 4th birthday just before we left France - this year, once again, we will be celebrating in a house without furniture!!! But we're going out with a bang - a theme party - this will be one for the books!! The theme?? - a surprise, of course!!

And here's the 12th - first birthday with new friends in our forever house!! Putting the basement to good use with karaoke and dancing!!

Happy Birthday, Princess, and may you have many, many more!!


  1. Such a lovely blog!! Daughters are so precious!! Love and blessings to Manasi!!

  2. How beautiful!! And so lovely to summarize all those cherished memories!! God bless you, Manasi dear!!! And You write so well Gauri!! :* :*