Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Investiture of the Junior School Leadership Team

Quite a mouthful, isn't it? Junior School Leadership Team? Investiture ceremony? All this for something quite simple - in plain English, an assembly to hand out badges to the newly elected or selected prefects and house-captains. But this is Dulwich, and nothing is plain and simple - and if there is an occasion for a ceremony - well, let's go ahead full steam, bells and whistles all the way!!

So, the special assembly. Parents whose children were selected as prefects received an invitation to the assembly - no, not just an email, a proper printed invitation with request for a RSVP. Seats were reserved in the front 2 rows of the theatre for attending parents. Along with speeches from the Headmaster and the Junior School Head, on the program were various musical recitals - alternating with the introduction of the new prefects. All the selected students - 26 odd, I think - were to sit on stage for the whole assembly - the eyes of the whole JS on them.

The path to this place on the stage was not that easy though - quite the emotional roller-coaster!! First up were the interviews for Head-Girl. It was quite interesting to see Manasi prepare for the interview - coming up with her own ideas about what makes a good leader, and why she would be a good Head-Girl!! Well, she didn't make it - and although the disappointment was huge, she came away with a sense of pride of having done her best. I could have done without the letter from school, though - I'm all for life lessons, but a rejection letter at the age of 10??!!

The elections for House Captains was next - more of a popularity contest this - for this one, Manasi was sure that her friend SW would win for her House, but she decided to go ahead and contest anyway!! A second disappointment, and once again, I was proud of her for doing her best, even when she was certain that the outcome wouldn't go her way!! Her persistence was finally rewarded - when she was named a Prefect!! I think I was probably more anxious than her, waiting for these last set of results!! Huge relief!!

To be honest, though, I did feel that the school went a little overboard with the whole 'Leadership Team' thing. Can I honestly say that Manasi has shown better leadership qualities than some of her peers? Knowing these girls, I can't help feel that they are more or less evenly matched - in terms of both abilities and potential. Yes, of course, not everyone will become a prefect - but why this coronation for the chosen ones? Won't a Prefect badge suffice - do they really need gold buttons on their blazers?? Why place them, quite literally, on a pedestal - shouldn't the honor of the positions be reward enough?? That's Dulwich, though!!

The best part of this whole Prefect deal - Manasi gets to attend a 2-day Leadership training - and I'm definitely not going to talk about why it's unfair that only a few students get this absolutely wonderful opportunity - I do wish that they had emphasized this as an advantage, rather than the gold buttons!! I'm hoping that Manasi will have a great time at the training, and come away a little bit wiser!! And yes, all of Manasi's friends have some position or the other - so at least in our little group, there are no disappointments, no hurt feelings. Well done, little girls!! And now for the pictures...

The Leadership Team on stage

Receiving the badge from the Headmaster

Happy girls!!

The Prefect blazer!!

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