Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to school - Year 6!!

Year 6 already - seems like forever ago that we were on our first visit to Dulwich College, Suzhou - and the Headmaster, Mr. Grice had pulled little Adithi P out of her Year 3 class to talk to us about the school!! 3 years down the line - Mr. Grice has accepted a position in Egypt, Adithi has moved across the street to Senior School - and Manasi is now in Year 6!! Her 4th year at Dulwich - our 4th year in Suzhou - I'm sure filled with tons of exciting events, as always!!

Now - Year 6...

Day 1 of Year 3!

First thing for every term - buying new uniforms - quite strange how all of Manasi's uniforms shrink during every vacation!! I know, I know - she's growing - but still, to spend almost 500 RMB, first the summer set and then the winter - adds up pretty quickly!! There's always the cheaper alternative, of course - to buy from the FoD second-hand uniform store - but never do seem to find the sizes I need!!! Shoes remains the biggest problem - I did find an acceptable pair in Auchan last year - but the best option is always to buy when in India. Except that the dainty shoes I wore when I was in school seem to have disappeared from the market - the replacements are incredibly clunky and unbuyable!! Oh well, Auchan again this year!!

Year 6 brings with it a whole new set of activities. Probably the most exciting - the Head Girl, Heads of Houses and Prefects are all appointed from Year 6!! Manasi, of course, is planning to enter her name for all these positions - Head Girl and Prefects will be selected after interviews with a panel of teachers, and as for the House Captains - the whole of JS will vote!! Busy times ahead, then!! Preparing for the interviews, and then also a bit of campaigning for the House Captain! What an absolutely wonderful experience this promises to be!!

And there's the Production to look forward to, as always - Peter Pan this year! I haven't seen the movie, but it does seem to have a lot of roles for boys - Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook and so on. And while it will be great to see a lot of boys participating and on stage, I'm curious to find out what our group of very talented girls will be doing! Auditions next week - will find out soon enough!! Also, I do hope that my friend, MW, is given charge of the costumes from the start - I'm here to help, MW!!

Once again, school work always seems to be the last priority, doesn't it?? And although I have been giving Manasi dire warnings about how much work she's going to have to do - I don't think they're really going to be buckling down until after the week long Yaolin trip mid-September. Manasi is not off the hook, though - her dad keeps her quite busy with the Kumon workbooks I ordered - and much to her surprise, she's doing so much better with concepts and ideas. I'm guessing that once Homework starts, she's not going to have much time on her hands - what with all the ECAs and other activities!!

So here's to a great year ahead - and best wishes to all those heading back to school!! Have fun learning, and enjoy every single moment!! Good luck!!

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