Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Resolutions, resolutions

January is always a month of possibilities - the new year stretching ahead invitingly, 365 brand new days full of hope, so many memories to be made, so many adventures waiting to happen. Yes, January is a month of possibilities - and also of introspection and reflection. A time to think of the year that was - a time to cherish the good times and bad, opportunities taken and lost, mistakes made and rewards earned. So, possibilities - and inevitably, resolutions!! New Year resolutions - so very easy to make, and so incredibly hard to keep - and yet, year after year...

So let's see - what shall I promise to do this year? Why yes, less procrastination? This always seems to be at the top of my list - and yet, somehow I haven't managed to get on top of it. It's sad, really - quite amazing how much I can accomplish when I get going - it's the getting going that's so hard. But resolutions must be kept - so after procrastinating for the first 20 days of the month, I'm saying enough - I'm already waaay behind on my next resolution...

...which is the same as last years's - at least 3 posts per month for the blog. And stretching that one just a bit - perhaps try to hit a 100 in the first 6 months? Seems doable, right? As soon as I get back on track for January!! It's funny - my head is always buzzing with all these ideas - I wish I had a device that would transcribe my thoughts straight to my computer - would save me so much time, and I would be cranking out those posts...sigh, until then, I'll keep chipping away, one post at a time!!

Another all-time resolution favorite - fitness!! I've been through my share of love-hate relationships with gyms - over the years, starting with yoga and badminton in school all the way to personal trainers in Chennai - been there  and done it all!! It wasn't until last year, though - my 37th, no wait, 38th (silent screaming) birthday - and also watching my mom, mom-in-law, and various aunts struggling with a wide range of health issues - that it sunk in - I have maybe a couple of years to get in shape, and hopefully avoid a lot of pain in the future!

As if on cue, a new gym opened up in Link City across the street! Seemed like providence!! After signing up for an annual membership in August, it was a long wait till the gym opened its doors - almost end of October!! And then, back to the love-hate - going to the gym is actually such a weird experience - narcissistic and sadistic at the time. All those mirrored walls, reflecting your every move - and everyone else's too!! Anyway, it's quite a decent gym really, and I go the first thing in the morning - so no crowds. I think pretty good odds on keeping this resolution...

To tie in with this, is the resolution to eat better - even though, we do eat quite healthy by default here in China. Still, those empty calories do have a way of sneaking in - and snacking healthy is high on my priority list this year. Another culprit - breakfast - what should be the healthiest meal of the day, turns into a sugary, starchy meal especially for Manasi - thanks to all those boxes of cereal. So I've been rousing myself 15 minutes earlier everyday and cooking a hot breakfast - and to avoid temptation, I've simply stopped buying cereal altogether! So far so good, and do share any interesting breakfast ideas!

On a more serious note - my last resolution. Might seem a little simplistic - try to be a little nicer this year. Give people the benefit of doubt, withhold judgement, hold back on the caustic comments. This is not simple as it sounds - and while I do know that I'm probably as nice as the next person, I also know that I could be a lot better. As my sister loses no opportunity to point out, my 'age' (silent screaming again) has made me quite cranky and impatient with foibles - so this year is for taking the deep breath, counting to 10, and learning to forgive people for being - well, people!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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